Instant Pot Steamed Shrimp, From Frozen

The instant pot and I have had a very tumultuous relationship. I had read good things about it, had some interest in buying one, then saw the price. $120 is money my cheap ass does not want to shell out for an oven-alternative. Then my mother saw them on sale for $60 and I told... Continue Reading →


Wife’d up

Even before we got engaged, we knew we didn't want a wedding (more on that in another post). BUT, I did know that I wanted a little ceremony basically for the sake of having photos. When we got engaged, I kind of forgot about the getting married part. Until one day I randomly decided, what... Continue Reading →

Coconut skrimps

I hate coconut. I can't even inhale coconut sunscreen. It's just a gross flavor/smell/aroma/musk. For whatever reason, however, I one day decided to order coconut shrimp at Outback. If we're being honest, my opinion on the weird tasting fruit hasn't changed, but I at least know that I can handle it on some deep fried... Continue Reading →

Buyer’s Cheat Sheet

Below you will find a list of terms and phrases you will hear throughout your home buying process. Study up! Foreclosure • This occurs when a homeowner stops making payments on their mortgage. After a certain amount of time, the bank who owns the mortgage will take back possession of the house and then list... Continue Reading →

Rent vs. Own

RENT Living within the rules set by your landlord Subject to systematic rent increases, usually every year Pet restrictions Limited freedom when it comes to design and remodeling of a home Your rent payments will never come back to you OWN A fantastic investment - property values increase so you may be able to make... Continue Reading →

Types of Mortgages

A mortgage is an agreement in which a lender or bank grants a loan to a borrower for the purpose of buying a home. This loan is typically paid off in 15 or 30 years. There are three standard types of loans, all with different requirements and different features. An FHA loan is a loan... Continue Reading →

Home buying process

Buying a Home: A Step By Step Process Apply for mortgage pre-approval Contact a REALTOR® Create a home search listing alert Tour properties, find the one you love Submit an offer on a home Partake in the negotiation process Go under contract Home inspection Appraisal Settlement Congratulations, Homeowner!

Garlic flatbread pizza

This is by far one of my favorite things to eat and one of the biggest hits among others. Get a couple chicken breasts and marinate them in olive oil, garlic powder, pressed garlic, salt, pepper, onion powder and oregano. Or, whatever you have in your spice cabinet. Grill the breasts or fry them. I... Continue Reading →

Fav baby stuff

Boppy • HANDS FREE BREASTFEEDING! This little pillow was a life saver when I went back to work since Gavin was only 4 weeks old. Back to work meant working primarily from home. I would set up a little work station on the couch with the boppy, my kid, and my laptop. He would latch on... Continue Reading →

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